Reno Facts and Statistics

  • The amount of land area totals 69.1 square miles (148.92 sq. kilometers)
  • Reno elevation is 4,498 feet above sea level.
  • Reno is positioned 39.53 degrees north of the equator and 119.82 degrees west of the prime meridian.

Noteworthy Reno Residents

  • Sharon Stone, actress, owns a residence in Reno.
  • Thomas K. Dye, creator of the web-comic, Newshounds
  • Curtis Hanson, producer, director of LA Confidential, Hand That Rocks The Cradle and others
  • Walter Van Tilburg Clark, author of The Oxbow Incident
  • Mark Kotsay, professional baseball player resides in Reno.
  • April Meservy, singer/songwriter
  • Doug Clifford, Creedence Clear Water Revival drummer, lives in the Reno suburb of Galena.
  • Kristi Yamaguchi, figure skater, owns a residence in Reno.
  • J. Buzz Von Ornsteiner, Forensic psychologist/television personality

Reno Government

The government of Reno is democratic, comprised of a city council with seven members.

A council member who is elected into the primary by the citizens of each area represents each of the city’s five districts. The other two members are the at-large, and they represent the entire city and the elected mayor. The council sets the city’s priorities, focusing on issues involving communication with the public, planning development and redevelopment. Other government officials include the city manager, who implements approved policies and programs, the city attorney, who is responsible for civil and criminal cases, and the city clerk, who records all the council’s proceedings.

Reno Gambling Industry

Before the late 1950s, Reno was the gambling capital of the United States. In the last twenty years or so several factors reduced its hold on the industry. Some of these include:

  • the rise of Las Vegas
  • the growth of Indian gaming in California

Reno’s older casinos like the Mapes, Nevada Club, Harold’s Club, the Palace Club as well as some of the smaller ones, like the Comstock, Sundowner, Golden Phoenix, King’s Inn, Money tree, the Virginian and Riverboat met with the same fate. They were either demolished or transformed into condos.

Reno Hotels and Casinos

  • The Atlantis, 3800 S Virginia St, (775) 954-4136
  • The Peppermill, 2707 S Virginia St, (775) 826-2121
  • The Grand Sierra Resort, 2500 E 2nd Street, (775) 789-2000

Of the three hotels, The Peppermill’s star shines most brightly, and it was chosen the “most outstanding Reno gaming property” by Casino Player and Nevada Magazines.

Reno Economy and the Housing Industry

Reno’s housing market is considered one of the weakest in the country. Over the last several years, the median price of homes has continued to drop from the previous year’s figures.

Reno Nightlife

The revitalization of the downtown area has brought many new businesses that cater to “leisure” activities. Bars and nightclubs have flooded the “West End,” as the area on West 1st and 2nd Streets between Arlington and Sierra is sometimes called. The section is taking on the flavor of bar rows as seen in many large cities across the country. This new trend and growth spurt will hopefully sustain the city’s young adult professional population, restless to achieve and make their mark on the world. Previously they were leaving Reno, seeking meaningful work elsewhere.

Downtown Reno Clubs and Casinos

  • The Imperial Lounge, N Arlington Ave & W 1st St,
  • Sierra Tap House, 252 West 1st Street, (775) 322-7678
  • Se7en, 100 N Arlington Ave, (775) 348-9526
  • Tonic, 31 W 2nd St, (775) 337-6868
  • El Cortez Lounge, 239 West 2nd St, (775) 324-4255
  • The Green Room, 144 West St, (775) 324-1224
  • The Five Star Saloon, 132 West St, (775) 329-2878
  • Sapphire Lounge, Harrah’s, 219 N.Center St, (775) 788-3044
  • The Brew Brothers Lounge, Eldorado Hotel Casino, 345 N. Virginia St, (775) 786-5700
  • Vino’s, 240 N. Sierra St, (775) 327-4864
  • Silver Peak Brewery, 124 Wonder St, (775) 324-1864
  • Divine Ultra Lounge, 95 N. Sierra St, (775) 329-8088
  • Rum Bouillons, 407 North Virginia St, (800) 687-8733

Other Reno Nightspots

South Virginia Street, East Fourth Street, Wells Avenue and the UNR area all come alive at night with their seemingly endless parade of bars and restaurants. Local bars, sports bars and breweries abound in many of the neighborhood strip malls. There are also two gay nightclubs at the North end of Kietzke Lane: The Tronix and The Neutron.

Recently opened by The Grand Sierra Resort Hotel, Nikki Beach is a popular and trendy chain of poolside clubs. Shows, concerts and plays are wonderful evening fare, particularly as provided by the Pioneer Center, Bruka Theatre, and the Reno Events Center.

Special Reno Events

  • Hot August Night (car convention)
  • Street Vibrations (motorcycle fan gathering and rally)
  • The Great Reno Balloon Race
  • Reno Air Races
  • Circus Circus Hotel Casino
  • Drive Around Lake Tahoe. This most beautiful 72-mile loop drive around the lake is absolutely stunning and should not be missed.

Reno Antique Shops

For the lover of antiques, the Reno-Sparks area is a heaven with a myriad of antique stores to cater to every collector’s taste. Spend a few hours or an entire day exploring some of the following:

  • All “R” Yesterdays, 1215 S. Virginia St, (775) 827.2355
  • Virginia Street Antique Mall, 1251 S. Virginia St, (775) 324-4141
  • Andrew’s Antique Market Place, 1301 S. Virginia St, (775) 348-6444
  • Julie’s Collectibles, 1274 S. Virginia St, (775) 329-2661
  • Somewhere In Time, 1313 S. Virginia, (775) 323-1515

Reno Museums

  • Fleischmann Planetarium, 1650 N Virginia St, (University of Nevada campus), (775) 784-4811
  • The National Automobile Museum, 10 South Lake Street, (775) 333-9300

Other Reno Sights To See

  • Truckee River Walk, Riverwalk district
  • Rancho San Rafael Park, 1595 N. Sierra St, (775) 785-4512
  • Sierra Safari Zoo, 10200 N. Virginia St, (775) 677-1101
  • Bartley Ranch Park, 6000 Bartley Ranch Road, (775) 828-6612
  • Pondersosa Ranch, Home of Bonanza Television series, Incline Village,
  • North Shore, (775) 831-0691

Reno Ghost Towns

It is said that Reno is home to many ghosts and has been for hundreds of years. Ghosts have been spotted in the nearby towns of Carson City and Virginia City as well. Those drawn to the realm of the supernatural will find a haven here by taking a special journey with author/paranormal researcher Janice Oberding.

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