Casino Parties: The Party Life of Casino Employees

Alcoholism and alcohol-related issues present a very real problem in the United States. So, too, does drug abuse.

The Party Scene is Extremely Popular for the Casino Lifestyle

Many say that within the gaming industry, alcohol and drug problems may be more prevalent than in other industries due to the nature of the business. Casinos for the most part cater to the risk-taking, adventurous side of a person. They are the proprietors of fun and games presented in a surreal world where one never knows from minute to minute what will happen: instant wealth or instant bust. And with the free-flowing alcohol readily available at most places, it’s party time!

As an employee you’ll see almost daily examples of people overindulging. If you have a tendency to overdo it yourself or can’t resist temptation, especially in the form of alcohol, beware. You may find yourself developing habits that could lead to trouble. While imbibing for customers is expected and even encouraged, employees caught drinking on the job will most likely be let go. But as one veteran dealer explained it,

If you have a predilection for it [abusing alcohol], it can be hard to avoid in this environment.

Even off the job this line of work may take its toll. According to a another former dealer:

It’s tough when you get off at two in the morning. The swing shift is by far the worst shift of work. It’s only popular with the party animals. What do you do at 2am, other than perhaps get drunk?

Another dealer points out this business is not the place to be if you have a problem with illegal drugs either:

Almost all companies require employees to be tested for drugs. They may do either a urine test or hair test, which can find traces of drugs as far back as three months. And if you’re involved in an accident on the job, you are immediately given a drug test to determine if drugs have been used. If the employee tests positive, even if they did the drugs on their day off, they are refused any workmen’s compensation.

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