Casinos: International Clientele

The gaming industry in the United States is a worldwide concern, attracting tourists from around the globe. Over the din of slots machines whirling, cards shuffling, coins dropping, and roulette wheels spinning, a mix of languages often resonates from the casino floor.

Casinos in the U.S. Attract many International Visitors Everyday

As an employee, you’ll be introduced to people from around the world and have an opportunity to learn a bit about their cultures and share their thoughts. At the newer, more entertainment-oriented casinos, customers include persons from Japan, Germany, Australia, England, France, or just about anywhere. But even older, smaller gaming venues offer a mix of cultures. Several people we spoke to mentioned they enjoyed the contacts and friends they made while working in this industry. According to a poker dealer working Atlantic City, his job offers more than just good money:

    I’d say meeting people from around the world definitely makes my job more interesting. People always think of Las Vegas as the place where all the high rollers go, but believe me, they come to Atlantic City as well. We get people from all over the world, places you might not even think of. So, everyday, I don’t really know who I’ll be dealing to.


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