Candian Casinos

Until 1969, all forms of gambling were illegal in Canada, but in the past few decades, this industry has grown tremendously. By the beginning of the 21st century, gambling provided over $5.5 billion in revenue for the country, which was more than the taxes from cigarettes and alcohol combined. Today, there are well over 80 casinos in this country, with more opening every day. There are also dozens of horse tracks in Canada, as well as over 40,000 slot machines.

Canadian Casinos are Just as Profitable as Ones in the USA

Gambling in Canada is control by each province or territory. All casinos are state-sponsored, and most are open year-round. The first casinos in this country were opened in Montreal and Charlevoix, but today, Ontario is one of Canada’s biggest gambling centers. There are casinos located in most provinces, and if you can’t find one near you, Internet gambling is also legal in this country. The majority of Canadian gamblers have gambled online at least once in the past year. All Canadian gambling online is also run by the state.

In Canada, each specific province sets their legal gambling age. In Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec, you can gamble when you are 18; in all other parts of the country, you must be 19. Many of this country’s casinos are open 24 hours a day, but always call ahead to find out specific location rules before leaving your home or hotel.


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