Casino Cage Cashier Jobs

All casinos have what is called a cage area that acts as the financial hub for the casino. It is in this area that most large financial transactions occur, including issuing lines of credit to customers as authorized by credit managers or other casino executives.

Cage Cashiers Deal with Money and Chip Exchanges

Cage cashiers are responsible for recording cash coming into the cage area from a variety of sources or drops. They typically count out cash, perform simple accounting duties, and help troubleshoot for reconciliation purposes. (Reconciliation usually occurs daily or between shifts. Employees conduct an inventory of all cash and its equivalents, such as chips and credit slips.) Cashiers also handle chip exchanges for customers. Necessary skills include excellent math and organizational abilities. Previous cashiering experience is also helpful. This is an entry-level position that reports to either the cage manager, cage cashier supervisor, or the lead cashier. In most cases cage cashiers receive a salary or hourly wage starting at a little over minimum wage, without the benefit of tips.

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