Casino Corporate and Hotel Positions

Besides the gaming department, casino resorts maintain several other departments. These are often segmented by their functions, such as human resources, accounting/financial planning, marketing and sales, food and beverage, entertainment, and hotel departments. To present a better picture of overall employment opportunities in this industry, we’ve included brief reviews of the departments typical for most medium- to larger-scale gaming facilities.

Hotel Front Desk Employee Photo

Many jobs, in some cases entry-level ones, are offered through these different divisions. Again, the best approach is to consider all your options. If you are training to become a dealer through a private school, and need part-time employment to see you through this transition phase, definitely think about picking up a job on the hotel side of things or in the food and beverage department, as these areas offer many entry-level positions. Remember, too, once you become an employee of a casino resort, no matter where you start out, you’ll have the inside track to other jobs. Many casinos spend considerable time and effort to promote from within.


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