Sweden Casinos

Sweden doesn’t have an overwhelming number of casinos, but gambling is still popular in this country. A reported 95% of residents have gambled at least once in their lives, spending an average of just under $194 SEK per month on gambling.

All of Sweden’s casinos are licensed by the state, and although this industry isn’t the most important, it does make up a good percentage of this county’s tourism income.

The Gaming Board of Sweden governs all gambling in Sweden. This agency issues licenses to all gambling facilities, as well as monitors gambling in this country to assure national laws are being upheld. Gambling, as it is known today in Sweden, first began in 1934 when a private bookmaker called Tipstajanst was founded in order to combat illegal gambling. This company was purchased by the national government 9 years later, an in 1997, they merged with a private company to be called Svenska Spel.

Svenska Spel reports that there are over 100,000 poker players in Sweden, so you can expect poker tables to be prominent in all casinos. In addition, you can expect to find blackjack, slot machines, and a number of other games in Swedish casinos. If you intend to visit a casino in Sweden, make sure you call first to find about the dress code, award policies, cover charges, and other casino regulations.



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