Traveling to a Job – Accommodation Options

If you are traveling by car for a distance of more than 500 or so miles, you had better think about overnight accommodations. Moreover, summer in the United States is the peak travel season, with large numbers of both American and international tourists hitting the roads between May and September.

Hotels and campgrounds will be crowded, and poor planning can hurt, so please take our advice and reserve campsites or motel rooms ahead of time.


Camping is a great American tradition, and it’s an inexpensive way to rest en route. Look into staying at national parks and forests, or one of the many state parks you’ll no doubt encounter. Be sure you have all the necessary gear before leaving. You’ll need at least a tent and a sleeping bag.

As you plan the cost of the trip, consider that many national parks charge an entrance fee in addition to campsite fees. Accordingly, if you plan to stay within park boundaries for a day, you should count on spending up to $50. If you intend to stay in several national parks, consider buying a America the Beautiful Pass; it’s good for one year and will get you into all of the national parks without additional charges. These passes are available at park entrances.

If staying at national parks sounds too expensive, consider staying at state, county, private, or Forest Service campgrounds. The scenery and services are often less impressive than those at the national parks, but if you’re on a tight budget and you simply want to sleep, they’re often a much better deal. You can almost always get by for under $12 a night.

Hotels and Motels

As we’ve mentioned, it’s not a good idea to start a long trip, especially during the vacation season, without arranging for lodging in advance. If you don’t want to camp, reserve a room somewhere. Either consult a good guidebook or consider calling one of the following national hotel/motel chains before you leave:

  • Comfort Inn (800) 4-CHOICE
  • Days Inn (800) 222-DAYS
  • Motel 6 (800) 466-8356
  • Super 8 (800) 800-8000


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