The Importance of Being Persisent In Job Search

Landing that first job at a casino will take persistence, constant communication, and follow-up work. The more job applications you fill out at various places, the more phone calls you make, the more you visit with casino managers, pit bosses, and other dealers, the better your chances of getting hired.

Persistance is Key When Searching for Casino Jobs

If you go to Las Vegas, Reno, Deadwood, Atlantic City, or any other area with more than a couple of casinos, get ready to fill out numerous applications. In the process you’ll repeat your pertinent information – name, address, phone number, previous employers – over and over again, almost to the point of exhaustion, but it will open doors for you. And why not look into every opportunity? Who knows where it could lead you? As one employee at a large Reno casino describes the process, being active and knocking on doors is the key to a successful job search:

    I came to Reno in person because I knew I needed to be in town to really have an effective job search. It took a while; I pounded a lot of pavement, filling out all kinds of applications. And since I wasn’t looking for a dealing job, but rather something more with the accounting or marketing departments – I have a degree in business administration – it took even longer. But I have to say persistence does pay off. I got a great job. And because I was in town, people took me more seriously.

We also have heard from several dealers currently working in casinos that the way they got on staff was to make sure the shift manager or the pit supervisor knew of their interest.

They would come in every day for a week or two and inquire about potential openings with the shift managers. By doing so they demonstrated their commitment and basically got on friendly terms with the managers. A couple of dealers were new to the business, but had completed dealer school and used these frequent meetings with the shift manager to emphasis their eagerness to get working. After completing all the necessary application paperwork and submitting to a background check, these aspiring dealers continued to check back with various managers until there was, in fact, an opening at a casino and they were hired. For them, persistence paid off.

And be sure, too, to visit casino website employment pages regularly!

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