The Dealer Audition

Most, if not all, casinos will require those applying for dealer jobs to complete an audition demonstrating their dealing skills. The audition happens after or as part of the initial interview with either a pit supervisor or a human resources person grading the performance. From the research we’ve gathered, those reviewing performances look for a variety of things. They obviously want to see that the applicant has sufficient knowledge of the game he’s dealing, but they may also judge the applicant on efficiency, math skills, and politeness.

The casinos you apply at will let you know the details on how they conduct their auditions, informing you when the audition will take place and with whom. The important thing to remember is that at some point you’ll need to demonstrate your skills, emphasizing your showmanship and natural style, as well as your knowledge of the game.

Casino Dealers will have to Show Off their Skills During an Audition
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