Atlantic City Information

Dazzling Dream Town By The Sea

Atlantic City Geography and Climate

Some 60 miles southeast of Philadelphia and 100 miles south of New York City, lies narrow Absecon Island, which is separated from the mainland by a number of low-lying meadows and a slender strait. The Atlantic Ocean greatly influences the climate of Atlantic City, although it is generally continental.

Summers usually start later and last longer than on the mainland and the winters are milder. Precipitation is moderate and distributed throughout the year but an occasional hurricane sometimes forces an exception to this rule.

Atlantic City Facts

  • Area 11.3 square miles
  • Elevation: 6 to 8 feet above sea level
    Average Temperatures: January, 30.9° F; July, 74.7° F; annual average, 53.0° F
  • Average Annual Precipitation: 40.3 inches of rain; 15.7 inches of snow
  • Land area: 11.3 square miles

Cities Near Atlantic City

While Vineland, New Jersey and Philadelphia are 40 miles or more away, within ten miles, Atlantic City has 8 neighbors. These include: Ventnor City, Brigantine, Margate City, Pleasantville, Absecon, Longport borough, Northfield, and Linwood, New Jersey

Interesting Atlantic City Tidbits

  • The street names in Atlantic City are the real life model for the board game of Monopoly.
  • The nation’s first boardwalk began here in 1870.
  • Atlantic City is home to the world’s first Big Wheel (1882).
  • The first color postcards came from Atlantic City (1893).
  • The first Miss America Pageant started here in 1921.


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