8 Reasons Why You Need A Dog Friendly Office

Is your office dog friendly? Lots of cool companies like Google, Etsy, Amazon, Glassdoor, Specialized, and so many others allow dogs to come to work with their owners. Have you considered creating a dog friendly office?

Dog under desk in a pet friendly office picture

Having a dog friendly office is a huge perk for your current and your future employees. People love their pets and there’s nothing worse than leaving their four legged, furry friend at home alone all day long to fend for himself. Even if you’re not a dog lover, allowing others to bring their dogs to the office has benefits for everyone.

Here are 8 reasons why you need a dog friendly office:

  1. Helps Attract Top Talent – Perks and benefits play a big role in attracting top recruits. Dog lovers are definitely going to like the idea that they can bring their pup to work and it may mean they are more eager to stick around for the long term.
  2. Increases Employee Activity – Dogs need walks and exercise on a regular basis. Having dogs in the office helps your employees get exercise and get outside for a bit of fresh air and glimpse of nature on a regular basis.
  3. Lowers Stress – Employees don’t stress as much when their dog is with them at work.
  4. Improves Relationships – Dogs are social creatures and they are a fantastic way for co-workers to bond.
  5. Connect With Customers – It’s not just your employees who love dogs, your customers do too. Having dogs in the office helps to make your company and employees more approachable.
  6. Higher Productivity – Employees are more likely to work longer hours if they aren’t in a rush to get home to let the dog out.
  7. Happier Employees – Being able to bring your best friend to work makes people happy. Here’s why it’s so important to keep your employees happy.
  8. Drives Creativity – When you’re less stressed and can get more exercise, you’re creative thinking also improves.

As you can see, dogs can make a positive impact on your office, but you don’t want to jump in without a plan. Before you create a dog friendly office, here are a few tips and guidelines to consider:

  • Dogs must be friendly to humans and other dogs.
  • Outdoor breaks are necessary and mandatory.
  • Establish a three strikes rule.
  • Dogs must be trained.
  • No barking or squeaky toys.
  • Dogs must be housebroken.
  • Dogs should be clean and healthy.
  • Employees are responsible for dogs behaviors and actions – make them sign a waiver.
  • Establish dog free zones.

Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of dogs in the office. Establish the ground rules and then start slowly. Try a few “test” days and get some feedback from your employees. If the tests go well, it’s time to start “employing” dogs at your office.

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