11 Simple Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

Take a look around your office. Are your employees actively engaged in their jobs? Or are they just showing up to do the job and collect a paycheck? If any of your team lacks the drive, motivation, or enthusiasm to take your company to great places, it’s time to focus on how to improve employee engagement at your workplace.

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Why Happy Employees Will Drive Your Company To Success

It’s sad to say, but most companies fail at engaging their employees. It’s not hard to create a team of engaged employees who are loyal, motivated, enthusiastic, involved, passionate, and happy, so why don’t more businesses do it? When your team is keen to make a difference and they actively go the extra mile, it will have a major impact on your business.

In case you don’t believe that improving employee engagement is essential for your business, let’s shine the spotlight on a few facts about engaged vs disengaged teams from Klick.com:

  • Engaged Teams are:
    • 22% more profitable
    • 2x as productive
    • Up to 65% less attrition
    • 2x customer loyalty
  • Disengaged Teams cost the American economy up to $350 billion per year due to lost productivity.

Wow. Right? Is it time to take employee engagement a bit more seriously? We think so. As an HR pro, it’s up to you to make a plan to improve employee engagement and follow through. Don’t worry it’s not an expensive process.

Here are 11 simple ways to improve employee engagement in your workplace:

  1. Promote Leaders – When the people in management lead by example, the rest of your team will follow and it will become a part of your culture.
  2. Let Your Team Know What’s Going On – Open, honest, and transparent communications will make every team member feel like they are a part of the company’s overall success.
  3. Recognize Greatness A simple thank you can go a long ways. Show your team that you care and that you appreciate their hard work and accomplishments.
  4. Allow For Freedom And Flexibility – Trust your team members to get the job done. Be flexible and your crew will work harder.
  5. Hire For Personality Hiring for personality over skill is important. When you put the right people in the right positions it will change the office dynamics.
  6. Focus On Team Building When people feel close to the people they work with it makes a big difference in how they approach their days. Do team building exercises in the office and organize social events out of the office.
  7. Exchange Feedback Feedback is a two way street. Listen to what your team is saying and be willing to make changes to keep them happy.
  8. Give Employees The Tools To Be Successful – When you enable your team to achieve great things, they will do so. Give them the training, software, office space, etc that they need to their job well.
  9. Respect Everyone – Always show respect to everyone you interact with.
  10. Encourage Innovation And Creativity – You never know where the next million dollar idea might come from. The people who work for you are your greatest asset.
  11. Ask Questions – Go out of your way to interact with team members on an individual basis. Ask them for advice, comments, concerns, or anything else that’s on their minds.

Most of these things don’t cost anything, but they are essential if you want to improve employee engagement. It’s mandatory that you engage your team. This is not a hard process, but it can have a major impact on your company’s success.

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