What Every Job Candidate Wants To Know About Your Company

The hiring process is no easy task. It takes time to market your job listings, sift and sort through resumes, and hire the right person for the job. This all requires a good deal of effort from you. It’s your job to supply the job candidate with the appropriate information, but have you really given them all the info they need?  Do you really know what a job candidate wants to know about your company during their job search?

Man at job interview looking at three interviewers

There are definitely certain things that every job candidate wants to know about your company and it’s your job to supply them with the information that they need. Now it should be clear what the job entails based on the job title and job description, but there’s other information that’s a bit harder for job candidates to find.

Put yourself in the job seeker’s shoes for a minute. If you are about to commit to a long term relationship with an employer, you would want to know all about them. It’s possible to learn a lot of information online through reviews, websites, and other research. As the hiring manager, you need to also give the job seeker a bit of additional info too.

Here are the things that every job candidate wants to know about your company:

  • Company Goals & Plans – What does the company want to achieve? Where do they see themselves in five, ten, or twenty years?
  • Company Culture – What are the important things to this company? How do they promote their culture amongst their employees?
  • Work/Life Balance – Does the company allow for a positive work-life balance?
  • Company Values – What does your company stand for? What does it see as important?
  • Clients & Customers – Who are the primary clients and customers that the company caters to?
  • Team Members – Who will an employee be working with?
  • Management & Leadership Style – What type of management and leadership style can the employee expect?

Job candidates deserve open and honest information from you about these things. These are factors that help them determine if they will be a good fit for your company. With the right fit, they’ll stick around longer – ultimately making your job easier and saving your company money.

Be totally transparent in your answers as the job candidate will appreciate this. Remember that if the job candidate can’t find out what they want to know, it may encourage them to find a job with a different company – and that means more work for you.

It’s your job to find the right job candidate and then to sell them on the position and the company. Always provide all of the information that every job candidate wants to know about your company and you’ll be one step closer to hiring the perfect new hire.

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