Offer Perks And Benefits To Attract Top Talent

Do you want to attract high quality job applicants? Have you run into the problem where the best candidates end up working for your competition? Do you wonder why the top job candidates never accept your job offers? It might have to do with the perks and benefits that your company offers.

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The modern job seeker has high expectations of what a company should offer beyond just a paycheck and steady job. They are actively seeking a work environment that works for them. Job seekers want more than just a job, they want a full package deal – and that include cool perks and benefits.

Perks and benefits are technically different, but they get lumped together. Benefits are non-wage based compensation. These are things that an employee would have to pay for on their own if the company doesn’t supply it. Perks are simple add-ons that make your employees happy on a daily basis.

Both perks and benefits are key ingredients if you want to create a happy and healthy company culture. Plus, they are necessary if you want to attract top recruits.

Here are a few popular perks and benefits that recruits and employees love:

  • Health Insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Retirement Plan
  • Professional Development
  • Day Care
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave
  • Vacation Time
  • Food
  • Remote Work
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Games & Entertainment
  • Health And Wellness Programs
  • Retreats & Conventions
  • Gifts
  • Donation Program
  • Concierge Services
  • Discounts
  • Employee Housing
  • Paid Sick Days
  • Pension Plan
  • Pet Friendly Offices
  • Stock Options

Now wouldn’t your job be way better if you had all of these things PLUS a steady paycheck? Of course it would. Perks and benefits rock! In fact, many of these perks and benefits are more attractive to a job seeker than a higher salary.

The size of the company that you work for will often dictate what perks and benefits you can offer. The more you can offer the better though. With a healthy package of perks and benefits you can recruit better employees that can drive your company to success. It’s kind of an important part of running a business.

Perks and benefits go a long ways towards attracting top talent and keeping your employees happy. They help your employees recharge, find a better work life balance, plan for the future, reduce financial stress, and enjoy the work environment.

Talk to your company to see what perks and benefits you can offer at your workplace. Start small and cater to your team – would they enjoy a free ski pass? Catered meals? A company outing? A birthday cake on their birthday? Stand-up desks? The little things add up to a lot. Offer perks and benefits to boost your company culture. Highlight them as part of the irresistible job offer. You’ll see positive results.

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