Is Hiring Under Qualified Job Candidates A Bad Idea?

Answer the following question honestly: Have you ever hired the perfect candidate? It’s nearly impossible to find a job candidate who is perfect. They just don’t exist. That’s why it’s your job to pick the best candidate.

Five Applicants Waiting For Job Interview Picture

When you’re scanning resumes in order to fill a job, you’re going to find resumes from overqualified people, from under qualified applicants, and from people who don’t stand a chance. There are pros and cons of every applicant, but you have to find the best fit for the job – and hiring under qualified job candidates may be your very best option.

Under qualified job candidates are individuals who applied for your job opening, but their resume may lack every requirement that you listed. Don’t overlook an under qualified job candidate though. These aspiring professionals are the up and coming face of the workforce. While they may not be the company’s ideal hire right now, they could become the company’s best employee ever down the line.

9 Secrets To Hiring The Best People

Before you toss an under qualified job candidate’s resume in the trash, consider what they do offer. Look for:

  • Transferable Skills
  • Ability To Learn
  • Enthusiasm and Desire
  • Ability To Do The Job
  • Right Attitude
  • Solid References
  • Impressive Portfolio

These are all clues that you might have found the right hire for you. Not only are under qualified candidates keen to get a job, they bring a lot to the table. Here are a few pros and cons to consider:

The pros of hiring under qualified candidates include:

  • Room to grow and improve as a professional
  • Increased loyalty because you gave them a chance
  • Primed for learning
  • Bring fresh ideas
  • No bad habits that you have to correct
  • Fewer negotiations on salary and benefits
  • May take a lower pay rate because of their experience and education

The cons of hiring under qualified candidates include:

  • They aren’t able to do the job yet
  • Require a bit of extra training or hand holding
  • Lack of professional experience

Hiring is always a bit of a risk. Often times as an HR professional, it’s your job to trust your gut and take a leap of faith. Why not hire the under qualified job candidate? If you see the potential for long term success and a candidate that you can count on, take a chance on that under qualified candidate. If anyone ever took a chance on you, you should do the same.

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