17 Creative Ways To Recruit Employees

Today’s job market is uber competitive. There is an abundance of job seekers out there who are all actively looking for a job. As a company with plenty of job openings, how do you connect with these job seekers and find your dream hire?

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Recruiting is a tough job. If your company is struggling to find top talent, it might be time to think outside the box when it comes to your recruiting strategies. When you utilize creative ways to recruit employees, it can be a total game changer for your business.

Every HR pro wants to hire the best and brightest job candidates. To do this, you need to expand your reach and be visible to the right job seekers. The first step is to define your ideal employee. Next you need to let them know that you’re hiring. Unleash your creative side and you’ll reach the right audience.

Are you ready to try something new? These creative ways to recruit employees will hopefully get you the results you want:

  1. Post On Niche Job Boards
  2. Build Your Talent Pool
  3. Utilize Employee Referral Networks
  4. Create A Puzzle Or Treasure Hunt
  5. Wrap A Vehicle
  6. Rent A Billboard
  7. Attend A Job Fair
  8. Network With College Professors & Alumni Organizations
  9. Post Jobs With Professional Organizations
  10. Create A Viral Video
  11. Utilize Interns
  12. Go Mobile
  13. Hire From Within
  14. Use LinkedIn
  15. Try Freelancers
  16. Send Out A Newsletter
  17. Create Relationships With Other Seasonal Employers

How many of these creative ways to recruit employees have you tried? Some will work for your business and others may not. It’s your job to attract top talent and get them to apply for your job openings. When your job ads stand out from the crowd, you’ll be more likely to reach the type of people that you want to hire.

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Ideally you want job candidates to find you, but what if you focus on finding job candidates. When you’re both looking for each other, it will be easier to make a connection. Try creative ways to recruit employees and see if you get the results you’ve been looking for. Best of luck!

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