5 Great Places To Find Employees Online

In today’s tech-savvy world, you can complete the entire hiring process online. You might not even meet a job candidate in person until they show up for on boarding. As long as you know where to market and promote your job openings, it’s easy to find employees online.

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Here are five places to find employees online:

  1. Social Media – As a company it’s important to build your brand and culture. One of the best channels to do this is social media. When you build your fan base on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social channels you’ll immediately have access to a crowd of influencers who like your business. When you have a job opening let them know about it.
  2. Job Boards – There are countless job boards on the Internet. Monster.com, CareerBuilder.com, Indeed.com and several others immediately come to mind. While these are all great options, we encourage you to focus on niche job boards that attract the type of people that you ultimately want to hire. JobMonkey.com is the perfect example. We cater to the cool and seasonal job audience and attract the type of job seeker to the JobMonkey JobCenter that you want to hire. There are job boards in nearly every niche too – non profits, technology, retail, and the list goes on. It’s important to find the right specialized job board for your company.
  3. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is social media for professionals. It’s separate from the above Social Media category because you can use LinkedIn to post jobs, but you can also search for people with specific experience and skills. LinkedIn is a great way to network online. Use it to recruit people that fit your job profiles.
  4. Career Sites – Take care of your career site and it will produce results. The first place that people go to find jobs with your company is your career site. Post every job there and make it interactive and easy to use. Find out more about career sites here.
  5. Shared Economy Sites – If you’re looking to hire an independent contractor vs an employee, then head to the shared economy. There are countless, eager contractors who are willing to work for you at a competitive rate. Get a glimpse into the shared economy here.

After you create a buzz about your job openings, make it easy to apply. Job applications, onboarding materials, and many other things can be done safely and securely online. It’s even easy to conduct job interviews via video conferencing technology. Take advantage of the technology available to you. It can save you money and make your job easier.

The Best Places To Recruit Employees

The online job market allows you to tap into job candidates from all over the world. This gives you a bigger audience and a better chance at landing the best job candidate ever. While technology can never replace a face-to-face meeting and a hearty handshake, it has lots of advantages that your business should tap into. Are you ready to find employees online?

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