What Do You Look For When Hiring A New Employee?

What do you look for when hiring a new employee? Every recruiter and HR professional asks this exact question every time they need to hire someone. It’s important to know what you are looking for because the person you hire can make or break your company.

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So what do you look for when hiring a new employee?

  • Legally Hirable – If a job candidate is not legally allowed to work for your company, you’re wasting your time.
  • Personality Traits Every company’s dream candidate is enthusiastic, confident, reliable, ethical, genuine, adaptable, humble, honest, responsible, curious, creative, and resourceful. Will every candidate be all of these things? Probably not, but it’s your job to find out.
  • Job History People don’t work for the same company forever. They move around for a variety of reasons. If you notice a trend in a candidate’s employment history that they are a job hopper, beware.
  • Professional Experience – A quality job candidate is going to have relevant experience that relates to the job opening. Add in a touch of on-the-job training and they’ll be ready to work hard.
  • Skills Tests – Anyone can lie about their skill sets. If you are hiring someone for a skilled position, test them on their ability to do the job.
  • Portfolios – For the creative niches, ask for a professional portfolio and website where you can learn more about a candidate’s talents.
  • Passion – Ideally the person you hire will be passionate about both the job and the company. When you hire a passionate person they are focused on the bigger picture and they’re always willing to get the job done.
  • Knowledgeable – See if the candidate did their research. They need to know about the company, the industry, the products & services, the team, the management, the job, the wages, and so much more.
  • Likable – You spend a huge part of your day with the people you work with. You better like them.
  • Checks & Tests – Always take the time to run the appropriate checks on a new candidate. Background checksreference checks, and drug tests can tell you a lot.
  • Responsiveness – No matter what line of work you are in, communication is key. Monitor how quickly and professionally candidates respond to you.

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If you’re hiring your next employee, take the time to ensure that you do your due diligence. Be patient and understand that you need to hire the best person for the job – not the perfect person for the job.

The people you hire are the driving force behind your company’s success. Treat the hiring process with respect and it can help to take your business to the next level.

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