Top 10 Signs Of Unhappy Employees

Every business needs to take care of their employees. Try to go above and beyond what is expected of you to ensure that your employees are happy campers. If you notice any of the signs of unhappy employees in your midst, it’s time to take action ASAP.

Man in tie holding up paper with an angry face on it

9 Warning Signs That Your Employees Are Planning To Quit

Do you have any unhappy employees on your team? As a manager it’s a smart move to always keep your eye out for angry, frustrated, or disgruntled workers. The faster you can identify these employees, the better.

When you spot any of the following warning signs, you might have an unhappy employee on your team. Are they…

  1. Doing a limited amount of work?
  2. Lacking interaction with management, co-workers, or clients?
  3. Unresponsive to feedback?
  4. Prone to complaining?
  5. Constantly counting down the hours until the day is over?
  6. Likely to make mistakes?
  7. Behaving unprofessionally?
  8. Presenting a negative attitude?
  9. Not participating at work?
  10. Threatening to quit?

Have you noticed any of these warning signs around the office? If you see it once, it might be attributed to someone having a bad day, but if these signs are occurring regularly, it’s time to take stock of the situation. Unhappy employees lack passion, drive, and motivation. Sadly, it’s a contagious issue that can spread to other team members and cause a decrease in productivity, cost you money, damage your employer brand, hurt revenue, negatively influence morale, and cause numerous other problems for your business.

16 Reasons Why People Quit Their Jobs

As a manager, you need to intervene sooner than later. If you can seek out the root of the problem and fix it, you can save your company some major headaches. The best plan of action is to create a happy workforce from the get-go. Make a point to:

  • Focus on building a great culture
  • Allow regular breaks
  • Provide cool perks and benefits
  • Listen to employee’s thoughts, opinions, and concerns
  • Show your appreciation for their hard work
  • Get to know your employees
  • Hire the right people

Dealing with unhappy employees is an issue that every business faces at some point. Do your best to ensure that your team is happy, but if you can’t, it may be time to let that employee move on to somewhere that they can be happier.

How To Make Sure Your Employees Are Happy

It’s your job to hire for fit and build a culture that creates happy employees. Go out of your way to take care of your staff and they’ll take care of you too.

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