9 Strategies To Drive Traffic To Your Job Postings

If no one sees your job posting, no one is going to apply. It’s simple, but true. In order to get the results that you want, you need to drive traffic to your job postings.

Excited job seekers discovering new job postings

Take a look at any career site or job board and you’ll easily find 1000’s of job listings. With the sheer number of different opportunities available to a job seeker, you can see why your job post might get lost – unless you know how to boost its visibility.

Here are a handful of strategies to help you get more eyes on your job posts by driving traffic to job postings:

  1. Include Keywords – Think like a job seeker. What are they going to search for to find your job? These are the words you need to include in your job description.
  2. Add Video – Video is an engaging, visual medium. Short videos about the job, the company, or the employees is a good way to capture a job seeker’s attention.
  3. Post and Share Regularly – The more opportunities that people have to see your job listings the better. Try to post them at different times on different days and through different mediums to cater to the largest audience possible.
  4. Use Niche Job Boards – Take advantage of cool job boards, like the JobMonkey JobCenter, to post and feature your job to the right audience. Spending a bit of money can really increase the amount of people who see your job ad.
  5. Implement SEO Strategies – SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a smart way to drive traffic. SEO is how search engines find and rank your site. This would include using the right keywords, headings, meta descriptions, urls, etc.
  6. Tap Into Your Email Subscribers – People who subscribe to your email list want to know what’s going on with your company. Notify them of job openings in your latest newsletter.
  7. Use Proper Job Titles – Everyone wants a creative job title like “Digital Ninja” or “Outdoor Wizard,” but what do these jobs do? While they may be fun, they are not job titles that any job seeker is going to search for. Stick to traditional job titles to attract more traffic.
  8. Utilize Social Media – Social media is the ideal way to share your job postings with a loyal and engaged audience. Build your social following and then add job openings to your posting schedule on regular intervals.
  9. Make Your Job Postings Shareable – People love to share things online. Make your job postings shareable so that if a candidate stumbles upon the perfect job opening for their friend, it’s easy to send the info their way.

For job postings to work, you need to ensure that they are seen by as many people as possible. If people don’t see your ad, they aren’t going to apply.

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Utilize these strategies to drive traffic to your job postings and you’ll start to see results. You’ll be more likely to find the right person for the job when your job postings get noticed.

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