7 Reasons Why Hiring Remote Employees Is A Good Idea

Hiring remote employees makes sense. No one wants to be cooped up in the office all day. Every employee wants to find a work-life balance that allows them to do more things on their own schedule, so why don’t you let them?

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Hiring remote employees is a hot topic among employers and it’s always a point of debate for managers, but if you don’t try it, you won’t know if it works for your business. If your company has the infrastructure and technology in place to support a team of remote employees, then you need to take advantage of this opportunity.

Below you’ll find 7 reasons why hiring remote employees is a good idea for your business:

  1. Access To A Larger Talent Pool – When you opt to hire a remote workforce it means that you can hire talent from almost anywhere. This gives you more opportunities to hire the perfect person for the job.
  2. Saves The Company Money – Allowing remote work actually boosts your bottom line because it will reduce costs on utilities, electricity, supplies, office space, snacks, and other things.
  3. Creates Happier Employees – Telecommuting is a huge perk for your employees. By increasing their work-life balance, they will ultimately be happier and more loyal employees. This will boost your reputation and increase your employee retention rates.
  4. Boosts Productivity – When you allow employees to work from wherever they choose, they will be more productive.
  5. Better Work Life Balance – When employees create their own schedules they will be more active and less stressed. They aren’t tied to a desk all the time and that means they can do what they want (as long as they get their work done in a timely manner). Remote work limits commute times and adds hours to the day. This saves time and has a positive environmental impact. It also decreases absenteeism. Promoting work-life balance is good PR.
  6. Makes You Competitive – The business world is competitive. Offering remote work opportunities will help you stay one step ahead of the competition.  It’s the small things that can give you the edge you need.

Remote work is a growing trend. More and more job seekers are opting for remote/telecommuting/virtual/work from home opportunities. When you find employees with the right combination of skills and personality, they are bound to be successful in an out-of-office setting.

Not every employee can work remotely. It would be downright impossible for a raft guide, pilot, or school bus driver to telecommute.  If your staff qualifies to work remotely, we highly encourage you to let them do it. Start slowly. Then, as your team proves their ability to produce high quality work in a timely manner in a remote setting, you can increase their freedom as you see fit.

How To Hire Remote Workers

Give your employees the chance to work remotely. If they can do it, everyone wins. If they struggle with it, reign them back in and you’re no worse off than you were before. Offering remote work opportunities will have a positive impact on your workforce, your company, and your success.

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