How To Plan A Recruiting Event That Attracts Your Next Superstar Employee

Do you want to meet eager and qualified job candidates who want to work for your company? Why don’t you plan and organize a recruiting event that brings job seekers to you? Planning a recruiting event may sound like a challenge, but it’s one of the best ways to attract top talent to your company.

Picking The Right Date For A Recruiting Event

Planning a successful recruiting event requires a bit of hard work, but the benefit of meeting potential job candidates in person before the job interview will make any talent acquisition specialist smile. Recruiting events will always help you find and hire the right people.

Here are 9 simple steps to plan a recruiting event that attracts top talent:

  1. Create A Plan – Nothing ever happens without a basic plan. Sit down with your HR team and brainstorm about the perfect recruiting event that represents your company culture and brand. The farther in advance that you can plan, the better the results.
  2. Determine The Type Of Event – What type of recruiting event do you want to have? Will it be a late night networking event, a standard job fair, or a lunch time meet and greet? Think about your company’s target job candidates and plan accordingly.
  3. Set Your Budget – It’s easy for recruitment events to get bigger than planned. Set your budget now and don’t exceed it.
  4. Select A Venue – Where are you going to have the recruitment event? What’s easy, convenient, and will attract the right people? You don’t have to set up shop in your office. Try a bar, conference center, or resort.
  5. Choose A Date And Time – Once again think about your target audience when planning a date and time. When will your future superstar employee most likely be free?
  6. Handle Logistics – Will you hand out swag? Will you serve drinks and apps? Do you need extra help or volunteers? How are you going to layout the venue? Do you need photographers? Is there a need for audio/visual equipment? Do you need to invite guest speakers? Where will people park?
  7. Market And Promote The Event – Now it’s time to spread the word that your company is recruiting and there is a special event designed for potential applicants to stop by and log a bit of face time. Just like when you post a job ad, be sure to promote your recruiting event in the right places to the right audience. Place ads in the paper, promote the event on social media, send out e-blasts to your newsletter followers, and tell all of your current employees too.
  8. Recruit! – Finally it’s time to hold the recruiting event of the year. Make sure everyone fills out their contact details as they arrive. Then it’s time to recruit! Meet as many job candidates as you can. Mix and mingle with everyone. Take notes, collect business cards, and smile. You’ll meet your next superstar employee in no time.
  9. Follow Up – When the recruiting event is over, it’s time to sort through the resumes, business cards, and memorable conversations. Be sure to follow up with the people who attended. Send them an email or give them a call.
    This helps to grow your database. If a job candidate really impressed you, invite them for a job interview.

Planning a successful recruiting event is no easy task. There is a lot of leg work and a lot of logistics that come first. You’ll meet tons of potential new employees during the event, but you only have to follow up with the ones that impress you – that’s why recruiting events are so great for employers.

Have fun!

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