8 Tips For Hiring Holiday Workers

The holidays are always one of the most hectic times of year. Is your business ready for the holiday rush? Whether you need to hire one extra person or tens of thousands of extra workers, right now is the time to prepare for the holiday season.

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Holiday hiring comes with its own unique challenges. It’s your job to make a plan and hire appropriately for the upcoming busy season. Hopefully this post will provide you with a few tips for hiring holiday workers, that will help to streamline this time consuming task.

Let’s take a look at a handful of tips for hiring holiday workers:

  1. Make A Plan – Look at numbers from previous years to determine how many workers you need. Based on this information, determine what you want and need to have a successful holiday season.
  2. Hire Early – Start hiring holiday workers as early as possible. The earlier, the better.
  3. Target The Right Audience – Depending on your business and location, you may be able to tap into the retiree or student niches to fill your short term job openings. If not, think about where you’ll find the best holiday workers.
  4. Monitor The Competition – Take the time to research the competition. Offer competitive packages to attract top talent.
  5. Tap Into Your Talent Pipeline Always reach out to last year’s holiday workers to see if they’re interested in returning.
  6. Ask For Referrals Implement an employee referral network. Often your current team is the best resource for recruiting holiday workers.
  7. Invest In Training Without training, holiday hires are completely worthless. Give them the training they need to be successful.
  8. Get Social – Spending the time to build your brand and to create a loyal online audience will pay off when you reach out via social media to let people know you need short term help.

Put in the time and effort to hire quality holiday workers. Often temporary holiday workers are an ideal way to test the waters to see if someone is ready for more responsibility and a long term job.

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This holiday season, create a plan and stick to it. When you’re properly prepared and you have the right holiday hiring strategies in place, the holidays won’t feel so hectic. Hiring quality holiday workers can have a powerful impact on your business. Good luck hiring this season. Happy holidays!

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