15 Elements Of An Effective Career Site

Your company’s career site is your most important recruiting tool. It’s the first place you should post your job listings because it will attract candidates that are truly interested in working for your company. Spend the time to create an appealing and engaging career site if you want to attract the best candidates.

Company's Career Site On Job Seeker's Computer

A career site is more than just a page on your company’s website that lists your current job openings. It’s much more than that. Career sites tell a story. In a clear and concise way they highlight your company culture, engage job candidates, and tells people why they want to work for you. In fact, you can think of your career site as the job seeker’s first impression of you.

Here are 15 tips to create and design a career site that will attract more job seekers:

  1. Make information easily accessible and easy to find.
  2. Include A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.
  3. Design the career site so that it is unique from the company’s main site.
  4. Add video testimonials from current employees.
  5. Link to your blog and social media outlets.
  6. Eliminate all typos, mistakes, omissions, or junk.
  7. Highlight keywords that are important to your industry and company.
  8. Always include the job title and company name in the URL.
  9. Use white space effectively to make the site visually appealing.
  10. Never have broken links.
  11. Don’t use silly job titles.
  12. Use authentic, high quality photos of your office and employees (no stock photos!)
  13. Always have job listings posted – or at least include a disclaimer that says you are not currently hiring.
  14. Write clear and straightforward job descriptions.
  15. Make it obvious how people can apply for the available jobs.

It’s your job as an HR professional to create a website that is user friendly. Take a long look at your website through the eyes of the job seekers that want to work for you. Think about the overall user experience of your career site. A few simple tweaks can make a big difference.

Once you have your career site ready, have other people test the site to see how it works. Is it easy to navigate? Do people interact? Can they find the information that they want? Can people apply for the jobs? Take and apply their feedback to your career site.

We’ve all seen high quality websites and it definitely impacts how we feel about that company. One thing that can really help in the creation or redesign of your company’s career site is to seek inspiration from other company’s career sites. Feel free to steal basic ideas and apply them to your site.

Spend the time to create an impressive career site. It will make a big difference in your future hiring.

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