15 Ground Rules For Effective Meetings

Meetings are a necessary part of running a business. By joining forces with your team in an office meeting, you can exchange ideas, brainstorm goals, build your team, make plans, start a conversation, or ensure that everyone is on the same page. It’s an essential part of the working world.

Group of employees holding an effective office meeting

Do Your Employees Waste Time At Work?

Are you a fan of meetings? Probably not. We can all remember at least one meeting that made us want to pull our hair out and scream. Face the facts – not everyone likes meetings. Meetings are often viewed as an unnecessary and costly time waster that kills productivity. While this may be true in certain circumstances, it’s not true if you follow certain ground rules for effective meetings.

If meetings are part of your office routine, do your best to make them as painless as possible for your team. Try to follow these simple ground rules for effective meetings every time you rally the troops:

  1. Never hold too many or unnecessary meetings
  2. Set a strict time frame
  3. Stick to an established, written agenda
  4. Create a clear goal
  5. Be prepared
  6. Appoint one individual to guide the flow of conversation and lead the discussion
  7. Establish a list of attendees
  8. Utilize technology
  9. Listen to what is being said
  10. Give everyone the opportunity to participate
  11. Limit smartphone usage
  12. Always stay on topic
  13. Take notes
  14. Identify what happens next
  15. Follow up with your team in person or via email

These ground rules for effective meetings aren’t hard to follow. When run efficiently and effectively, meetings can become powerful tools that will boost productivity and get the results that will drive your business to success. Apply these ground rules the next time you plan to run a great meeting.

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