Master These Recruiting Fundamentals Before You Do Anything Else

Are your current recruiting strategies working? Are you getting the results that you want and need? If not, it might be time to revert back to the basics. When you stick with tried and true recruiting fundamentals, you’re almost guaranteed to get better results.

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There is no magical secret that makes recruiting easy. If there was, everyone would become a recruiter. The key to being a successful recruiter for your company is to create a foundation of simple recruiting fundamentals that work well.

As a recruiter, you need to master these tried and true recruiting fundamentals:

  • Have A Plan – Before you start recruiting, know what position you are recruiting for and what type of person you need to fill that role. Get your systems in place and then get ready to find candidates.
  • Nail The Job Description – Spend the time to craft a well written and detailed job description. This is your job ad and you need to sell the position to job seekers.
  • Know Your Sources – Determine where you are going to find job candidates. Social media, niche job boards, employee referral programs, talent pipelines, and local papers are all good sources.
  • Respect The Candidates – Every job seeker that applies is putting time and effort into the job search. Treat them like you would want to be treated.
  • Always Communicate – Communication is essential. Whether you’re delivering good news or bad news, do so in a timely manner via email, phone, or in person.
  • Be Responsive – When a job seeker contacts you, get back to them with the information they need as quickly as possible. By being responsive, you show that you care.
  • Tell The Truth – Never lie to a job candidate. Honesty is always the best policy. If you don’t know the answer, find out and communicate the right information.
  • Listen – Filling an open position at your company is not all about you. Listen to what a candidate has to say. You’ll be amazed at what you learn when you perfect your listening skills.
  • Be Patient – Hiring the wrong person can be costly. Even if you’re under pressure to fill a position, you need to be patient to ensure that you hire the right person for the job.

Did this tick list sound like recruiting 101? It should. While these things may seem like very basic, simple things to do, it’s shocking how many recruiters don’t do these things. If you slip up and miss one or two, you might just let the next superstar employee slip through the cracks.

When you stray from these recruiting fundamentals, it’s easy to make hiring mistakes that will hurt your current recruiting strategies and future business growth. Stick to the things that work and master these recruiting fundamentals before you get creative and try new things.

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By no means is this post saying that technology, social media, and other creative strategies don’t work. They most definitely do, but in order to do those things well, you have to master the recruiting fundamentals first. Are you ready to get back to basics?

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