6 Reasons Why Your Job Ads Aren’t Getting Results

You did it. After several painstaking hours you finally typed up the perfect job ad and sent it out to the world. But now, hours or even days later, you still haven’t gotten any results. If it feels like your job ads aren’t working, you’re not alone.

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The world is filled with job seekers, yet it takes more than just throwing a job posting out on the world wide web if you want to find a high quality job candidate who will be an asset to your team and your company.

Advertising for an open position at your company is no easy task. Every HR professional will agree that it’s hard to find quality applicants to fill jobs. Hiring is a time consuming, expensive, and frustrating process. If you want to make your job easier, take a look at why your job ads aren’t getting results.

Below you’ll find a handful of reasons why your job ads aren’t getting results:

  1. Generic Job Posting – Job ads need to be detailed and specific. Target the people you want to hire. Sell the job and your company. Tell them why this is going to be the best job ever at the coolest company in the world. Writing job ads that attract top talent is a skill in itself and it’s one that you need to master.
  2. Posted In The Wrong Places – Post the job where your target audience is going to see it. If you’re hiring for cool and seasonal jobs, post on a cool and seasonal job board like JobMonkeyJobs.com.
  3. Not Visually Appealing – Make your job ad visually appealing. Use photos and videos if possible. Utilize white space, bullet points, and subheadings to make important things stand out. Job seekers don’t want to read a novel, they want the info quickly so that they know if it’s worth their time to apply.
  4. Doesn’t Give Directions On What To Do Next – If a job seeker doesn’t know how to apply, they aren’t going to apply. Give step by step directions on how to submit an application.
  5. Lost In A Sea Of Job Ads – Many of the best job ads are lost amongst the thousands of other job ads currently posted online. Be unique and stand out. Grab the job seeker’s attention. Pay for featured job placements that get your job ad in front of the job seeker’s eyes. This will build awareness of your job posting and that’s a good thing.
  6. Not As Good As The Competitions – Pay attention to what your competition does in their job advertisements. They may have a cool strategy that you can use to attract the top talent.

All of these things are super easy to fix too. Make some tweaks and edits to your job postings and see what happens. To see the best results for your company, customize your approach for every job listing and for every type of employee you want to hire.

Sourcing is tough. With the right strategies in place your job ads will start to attract quality applicants. Then before you know it, your inbox will be filled with job applications from the type of people that you want on your team.

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