The #1 Hiring Mistake That You Need To Stop Making ASAP

If you want your company to be successful, you need to hire the right people. It seems simple, but how do you do it? If you’re like most employers you’re probably making the #1 hiring mistake.

Business Man Clone In Office Picture

What do you look for when you hire new employees? Of course you want people who are experienced and qualified, right? But how do you select people after they’ve met the basic criteria? Do you listen to your network? Hire people from your alma mater? Or choose someone based on mutual connections? If so, you’re not alone.

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Research shows people are more likely to approve of people that they relate to. Has someone ever edged out another candidate based on their appearance, background, culture, experience, education, political views, etc.? It’s easy to have biases based on the people we can relate to the most. But the result of hiring people just like you is that you essentially clone your workforce.

Hiring clones is easy. They are often the first ones to hear about the job posting and may be the ones that are most interested in the job. Ideally they will fit in to the team quickly and help you build a strong workforce. But this isn’t always the case. When you end up only hiring people like yourself, you lose out on creating a diverse workforce that would allow your company to grow and expand in ways you never imagined.

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A diverse workforce is typically more productive, innovative, creative, and adaptable. People from different backgrounds bring different experiences with them. They can help your company build new clientele, generate fresh ideas, and be able to survive through the tough times. Hire people who are totally different than you, but who are still qualified. They will complement you, push you, and challenge you and as a result your company will become more successful.

Ignore your hiring biases and stop making the #1 hiring mistake that every company makes. Instead set your company up for success.

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