The Best Places To Recruit Employees

Where do you find the people that you ultimately hire? When you know where to look, it’s easier to find talented workers. Below you’ll find the best places to recruit employees. Focus your efforts in the right places and it can be a game changer for your business.

Selecting The Best Places To Recruit Employees

The hiring process is a mix of advertising, marketing, human resources, and luck. It’s your job to advertise the job in the right places, market it to your targeted and talented audience of job seekers, then  finally select your newest team member. It’s an expensive and time consuming process. The amount of time you are able to commit and your budget will play a major role in your recruitment options, but have no fear. When you focus on the best places to recruit employees, every business has a good shot at landing a superstar employee.

When it comes to advertising and marketing a job listing, it’s important to be creative. Try to think like your perfect candidate would think. Write the job description so that it attracts that type of person. Place job ads in the venues and areas where that perfect candidate will see them. Be innovative and visible so you’ll attract the right applicants.

When it comes to tactics and strategies for finding future employees, the sky is the limit. Here are some innovative recruiting ideas that other companies used:

  • Kit Kat, Flickr, eBay and PayPal recruit job candidates by hiding job openings in their website code.
  • Ikea Australia hid job descriptions in sold furniture boxes and waited to see who would respond.
  • Volkswagen posted job ads for mechanics underneath damaged VW vehicles.
  • Quixey developed a 60-second programming puzzle that had to be solved.
  • Google posted mathematical problems on billboards.
  • MGM Grand hosted a cooking competition to fill a head chef position.
  • Mastercard Canada ran an internship competition with #internswanted.

Let these examples spark your creativity. Below are some more ideas for the best places to recruit employees:

  1. Social Media
  2. Employee Networks
  3. Internal Hires
  4. Recruitment Pipeline
  5. Local Newspaper
  6. Contests
  7. Workshops
  8. Sponsorships
  9. Job Boards
  10. Puzzles
  11. Print Advertising
  12. Associations/Organizations
  13. Company Website
  14. Headhunters
  15. Temp Agencies
  16. Internships
  17. Television Commercials
  18. Billboards
  19. Job Fairs
  20. Universities
  21. Networking Events
  22. LinkedIn

This is far from a complete list of the best places to recruit employees. Use this list as a launchpad for your creativity. Brainstorm about your job listing, your company, and your ideal candidate. Assess your recruitment budget and be creative. It’s your job to put the message and the information out there, but make it easy for the right recruits to find you. With the right job ads in the right locations, you’ll be amazed at the talent that you can attract.

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