5 Things HR Pros Wish Job Candidates Knew About The Hiring Process

Many people are oblivious to how the hiring process really works. As an HR pro, what do you wish job candidates knew about the hiring process?

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The goal of hiring is to create a win-win situation for everyone. Ideally you can find a job candidate that is a good fit who will be happy in the role, while at the same time that candidate can help your company achieve great things. It sounds simple, but hiring is tough. If you’ve ever felt like banging your head against the wall mid-hiring process, you’re not alone.

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Would your job be easier if job candidates could take a step back and look at the big picture? Can’t they see the situation through your eyes? Why can’t they put themselves in your shoes for once?

After a bit of brainstorming, we came up with a list of things HR Pros wish job candidates knew about the hiring process. Here’s our list:

  1. Hiring Is A Business Decision – Job candidates shouldn’t take a rejection personally. Hiring is purely a business decision. Companies want people who will help them achieve great things.
  2. Companies Are Actively Looking For Reasons To Hire People – While HR pros are paid to scrutinize resumes and be picky, they are usually optimistic about job candidates. Most of the time, they aren’t out to get job seekers.
  3. Knowledge Is Power – Job candidates need to do their research. Learn about the company, the job, the interviewer, the industry, and everything else too. The more they know, the better. When job seekers ask intelligent questions, it’s a good thing because it shows they did their research and they are curious.
  4. The Hiring Process Takes Time – Hiring would be way easier if it was a quick process, but it’s not. Hiring takes time. Everyone needs to be patient. Between job applications, interview processes, background checks, hiring decisions, and office politics the process can takes weeks or longer. Be patient. Learn more about how long the job search takes in this post.
  5. Never Tell A Lie – There’s nothing worse than spotting a lie on a resume. Job candidates should be proud of what they’ve accomplished in life. Fake personalities or falsified resumes won’t impress us. If job candidates lie, it’s our job to find out.

Hiring is not an easy process. It requires a critical eye, a lot of patience, and matchmaking skills. If you find the hiring process frustrating, take a deep breath and remember that not every job candidate knows what to expect.

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If you wish job candidates knew more, maybe you can help to set them up for success. Always strive to clearly communicate about the hiring process and set clear expectations. Do this and your job will become easier. Best of luck!

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