9 Warning Signs That Your Employees Are Planning To Quit

Employee turnover is a big issue that every hiring professional has to deal with. In a world filled with job hoppers, it’s inevitable that employees will come and go. But as an employer, your goal should be to keep the good employees around.

Note Saying "Dear Boss, I Quit!" Image

There’s nothing better than a talented, top performing employee. If they quit, it would be a nightmare to replace them with someone else. Plus, it’s a time consuming and expensive process to recruit, screen, and hire a quality job candidate.

People quit their jobs for a wide variety of reasons. Quitting a job is a big move for anyone to take. If you interact with your employees on a regular basis, it’s easier to spot the warning signs that your employees are planning to quit.

Below are 9 warning signs that your employees are planning to quit:

  1. Not Engaged At Work – If an employee begins to disengage in the work environment, it’s something to take note of.
  2. Poor Work Performance – A single slip-up or a one-time mistake will happen, but if a top performing employee begins to turn in poor quality work, lose productivity, and misses deadlines, something might be going on.
  3. Taking Extra Time Off – When an employee is taking full advantage of vacation time, days off, late starts, telecommuting opportunities, and is working odd hours beware. This could mean that they are hunting for a new job opportunity.
  4. Change in Attitude – A change in attitude can be attributed to a variety of things, but it can also be an indicator that the employee is getting ready for a change.
  5. Formal Attire – When an employee starts wearing fancy clothes to work, they might be “sneaking” off for a lunch time job interview or an impromptu coffee break with the higher ups.
  6. Major Career Mistake – No one wants to make a mistake – especially a major one that impacts their career. But it happens. If an employee has recently damaged their reputation, cost the company money, or lost a major client they may be thinking about a switch.
  7. Being Secretive – No employee wants you to know that they are hunting for a job while they are currently employed. If they are stealthily on LinkedIn, tweaking resumes during work hours, or not willing to divulge their activities, they may be thinking of changing jobs.
  8. Big Life Changes – No one can predict what will happen in life. A new baby, a spouse’s career change, a sick parent, or a medical condition can directly impact what an employee’s priorities are.
  9. Complaining – Often an employee will voice their opinions, concerns, and complaints right before they quit. If this type of behavior is uncharacteristic of an employee, this may be one of the final warning signs.

If your best employees exhibit any of these warning signs, feel free to pull them aside and discuss things with them. Maybe you can change their mind or make changes that will encourage them to stick around. Don’t be surprised if a top employee decides to quit on you. It’s a bummer, but it happens. If you can identify the warning signs then you’ll be able to prepare for what might happen – and that’s way better than being caught unexpected.

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