12 Hiring Hacks That Will Make Your Job Easier

Hiring the right people is tough work. As an HR pro, do you wish you could make your job a little bit easier? You can when you take advantage of these helpful hiring hacks.

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Hiring hacks will save you time, energy, and money. Plus, they will also ultimately help you hire the best of the best. Are you ready to give these hiring hacks a try?

Apply the following hiring hacks to your hiring process and see if they help you get the results you’re looking for:

  1. Create an attractive employer brand – Your employer brand is your company’s reputation. Build a great one and top talent will become more aware of your company and your job openings.
  2. Develop a great company culture When employees look forward to going to work, it means you’re doing lots of things right. Job seekers will actively seek a good company culture where they fit in.
  3. Go mobile Mobile recruiting is essential if you want to target your audience where they are searching for jobs.
  4. Fine tune your perks and benefit packages When you deliver more than just a job and a paycheck, people take notice. Cool perks and benefits will attract top talent.
  5. Provide work-life balance – Every job seeker wants work-life balance. Be flexible and allow your team to enjoy the best of both worlds.
  6. Write outstanding job descriptions Take extra time writing good job ads that will help to paint a picture of what a job fully entails.
  7. Make people feel comfortable – Be personable in job interviews so that job candidates relax. This way you can see what they are really all about.
  8. Source candidates from the right places Think quality over quantity. When you target job seekers in the right places, you’ll get applicants who want to work for you vs job seekers who just want a paycheck.
  9. Check references Professional references can tell you more about a job candidate than anything else. Always call references. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn.
  10. Utilize social media Social media is a free way to build an audience and create a following of people who want to work for you.
  11. Make recruiting more like marketing – Start to think more like a marketer and see how it affects your recruiting strategies.
  12. Be Patient – Don’t hire on a whim. Always wait until the right job candidate sends in an application. It will save you lots of headaches down the road.

All of these hiring hacks should make your job easier. Some may make your company more attractive to job seekers. Others will ensure that you hire the right people. Sure a few of these hiring hacks will take time to develop, but once they are properly implemented, they will make a massive difference in how you source, attract, engage, screen, and hire.

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No one ever said that recruiting is an easy job, but with the right combination of tricks, tactics, and hiring hacks, it can definitely help your business thrive.

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