Create An Effective Talent Pool And You’ll Always Hire The Right Person For The Job

Do you have a talent pool? A talent pool, sometimes called a talent pipeline, is a community of professionals that you hope will someday work for your company. You can’t create a talent pool overnight. It requires forward thinking, planning, and engagement to create a talent pool that works for you.

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The Best Places To Recruit Employees

Talent pools are essentially a database of professionals that would be good fits for your current and future job openings. This list may include:

By slowly creating a pool of top talent, you can then match job openings with your dream job candidate. To do this it requires that you take a long term approach to hiring. It’s your responsibility to build a talent pool of people that you can call upon and share job openings with so that the right match is made.

The key to doing this is create a genuine interest in your company through employer branding and social media. Create social groups and constant engage your talent pool. Build ongoing relationships and personalize the experience.

Engage and interact with your talent pool regularly, then when the perfect job opens up send them a personalized invite to apply. Tapping into active and passive job seekers from your talent pool will ideally cut down on hiring costs and speed up the hiring process – both things that make your job easier and will make your company more successful.

Why You Should Hire Job Hoppers

In today’s hiring market, it’s smart to have a deep talent pool featuring the top talent with the perfect skill sets. By taking a long term approach to the hiring game, you can often match the perfect person to the perfect job. As your company continues to grow, this is a win-win for everyone.

One thing to remember is that you must have permission to keep people’s contact details in your system. Make sure that your talent pool opts-in (and can opt-out) so that you aren’t annoying anyone. Consult your company’s legal team for more information.

Now go out and begin the process of creating a talent pool. It takes time, but will pay off huge down the line.

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