How To Make An Irresistible Job Offer That No Job Candidate Can Refuse

Do you have your eyes set on the perfect job candidate? If you really want that person to join your team, you have to make them an irresistible job offer that they can’t refuse.

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The hiring process is designed so that you can get to know job candidates and ultimately pick the right person for the job. Through resumes, cover letters, and job interviews you learn a lot about what a job candidate is really like and what they really want. Now you just have to sell them on your job and your company.

As an HR professional you can offer a job to any job candidate you like, but remember that the job candidate also has to want to work for you. It’s kind of like dating. If you have a job candidate that you want to join your team, you need to make them an irresistible job offer.

Here are the ingredients of an irresistible job offer that no job candidate can refuse:

  • Understand the job candidates priorities.
  • Show the job candidate the short term and long term potential of this move.
  • Let them identify with the company culture and brand.
  • Give them a job that challenges them.
  • Pay them a competitive wage.
  • Offer perks and benefits.
  • Identify and promote their strengths.
  • Offer everything in writing.
  • Be timely.

The key to making an irresistible job offer that the job candidate cannot refuse is to give the candidate what they are looking for. It’s your job to identify and highlight whatever that is. Get creative, be competitive, and personalize the  job offer.

Remember that your job listing might not be the only job that the person applied for. You need to sell your job opening and your company. Let them know why they are the perfect match. If the job candidate doesn’t immediately jump on your offer, be willing to negotiate.

It’s expensive to hire a new employee. Be willing to work with the right person to create a long term, mutually beneficial, professional relationship.

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