You Are Using YouTube To Recruit, Right?

Social recruiting is a fantastic way to tap into a targeted audience of job seekers. Most companies find it easy to post daily and engage users on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but they often overlook YouTube. If you aren’t using YouTube to recruit you are missing out.

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We stumbled upon an infographic from that looks at the value of using YouTube to recruit. YouTube is one of the top ranking sites in the world. It typically ranks #3 just behind Google and Facebook. It is the second largest search engine on the Internet. Over 800 million unique visitors watch over 3 billion hours of video every month. That’s a massive audience that you can easily reach if you commit to creating YouTube recruitment videos.

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Videos provide a visually compelling way to tell a story. They engage and captivate viewers in a way that a boring text job posting can never do. People are keen to watch a quick video and when they do they are more likely to respond and engage with your company. Plus, they are more likely to subscribe and come back for more later on.

Creating videos is a good way to tap into the massive YouTube audience. When you create a YouTube video keep it short and sweet. Most viewers will only watch for about a minute, but that’s a lot of time to promote your jobs, your company, and your brand when edited properly.

The first step of using YouTube to recruit top talent is to make a video. Here are a few things to include:

  • Include Employee Testimonials
  • Highlight Perks & Benefits
  • Describe The Job
  • Talk About Current Projects
  • Include Your Logo
  • Tell People How To Apply
  • Shine The Light On Your Company Culture
  • Let People Know What Awards You’ve Won
  • Explain What Makes Your Company The Best Company In The World

Now take your YouTube video and shared it via all of your social channels. Embed it to your job postings – did you know that job postings with a video icon have a 34% greater application rate? Put it on your career site. Use it anywhere you can to engage your audience.

A simple YouTube video allows you to show job seekers what you’re all about. Make the process of creating videos a regular event. Websites that regularly post original videos see an increase in traffic of 200% to 300% per month! YouTube is one of the best ways to engage the world of job seekers. Take advantage of it.

Start using YouTube to recruit right away. Learn more stats about why YouTube is one of the best recruiting tools for your business on

Need a bit of inspiration? Visit and search for recruitment videos to see what is possible.

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