Eliminate These Bad Hiring Habits Immediately

Do you have any bad hiring habits? It’s easy to develop bad habits when it comes to hiring and recruiting. Unless someone shines the spotlight on your bad habits, you might not even know that your behaviors are negatively impacting your business, but they are. It’s time to raise your awareness and make a change.

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The sooner you can take control of your recruiting and hiring habits the better. Let’s start by identifying bad hiring habits that are likely to cause you problems:

  • Lack Of Organization – When you are not organized you will forget to do important things.
  • Not Following Up – The follow up is key to ensure that job candidates are on the same page and that they feel important.
  • Never Listening You’ll be amazed at what you can learn when you listen.
  • Failing To Stay Up-To-Date With Technology – Technology changes quickly. Keep up with the trends in your business to ensure that you know when, where, and how to recruit and contact your next great hire.
  • Not Have A Clear Picture Of Who You Want To Hire – If you don’t have a crystal clear image of they type of person you want to hire, it’s going to be extra hard to find them.
  • Stalking Job Candidates – It’s important to be communicative, but don’t go overboard and get creepy.
  • Trusting Your Gut Too Much – Often our gut is telling us important things about job seekers, but it may also just be letting you know that you’re hungry. Base your decisions on facts, not gut instincts.
  • Hiring For Skills Not Personality – Remember that skills can be taught, personality can’t.
  • Hiring Too Fast – Patience is a virtue. It’s important to wait for the right job candidate to come along. Take your time and it will pay off in the long run.
  • Making False Promises/Misleading Job Candidates – Never lie to a job candidate. Let them make their decisions based on the truth and nothing but the truth.
  • Not Calling References Pick up the phone and call references. Other professionals are one of the best ways to learn about what a job candidate is really like.
  • Using Email Templates – Email templates are great, but they take the personal touch out of the recruiting and hiring game. Send a personalized email. It shows that you care.

Everything in this list qualifies as bad hiring habits. If you make these mistakes, it makes you look sloppy, lazy, and inattentive, along with other negative things. These habits directly impact your ability to hire top talent and it reflects poorly on your company as a whole and your employer brand. If you’re guilty of any of these things, you need to stop doing them right now.

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We all know the damage that a toxic employee or a bad hire can cause for your company. Don’t be the cause of your own headaches. Instead make a point to develop good hiring habits that will help you become a valuable asset at work.

Eliminating bad hiring habits takes time and discipline, but it can be done. Embrace good recruiting and hiring habits and you’ll be one step closer to success.

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