Why Employee Profiles Are So Important

What’s your company’s greatest asset? It’s the people who work for you. When you take care of your team, they will take care of you. The people you hire, employ, and promote are your business. When you create a team of hard and happy workers, it will take your business to new levels. Tap into this reliable asset and use it to your advantage. When you create employee profiles that highlight the valuable members of your team, it will build your employer brand and be a powerful social recruitment tool that can help you to attract the next batch of top talent.

Mosaic image of employee profiles featuring happy employees

One of the best and easiest things you can do as a business is to shine the spotlight on your team members with employee profiles. Employee profiles are online pages that highlight each team member. They may include:

  • Photos
  • Job titles
  • Work History
  • Certifications
  • Brief Bio
  • Fun Facts
  • Quotes

Visit almost any company’s website,  click on the “team” page and you’ll likely see employee profiles. Use these pages to inspire your own creative and clever employee profiles. With a bit of research, you can see that employee profiles help to bring your team to life and that ultimately defines your employer brand.

When you utilize employee profiles on your website, your career site, or intranet site, it helps to paint a picture of your team, your company, and your culture. It’s a fun way to tell your employee’s stories to the world. Both prospective job candidates and potential clients will access this information online, providing them insight into who your business really is.

How To Make Sure Your Employees Are Happy

Every size business can benefit from posting informative employee profiles. Once the information is up, employee profiles become shareable content on social media. Tell your fans and followers about the people that work with you. Promote your top performers on your career site. When used correctly, employee profiles can be a valuable social recruitment tool that requires minimal effort.

Besides using employee profiles to build your brand and culture, it will also help connect remote teams, boost networking ability, and promote your best workers. The people who work for you are important. Let their employee profiles be an active recruiting and promotional tool for the business. It really does work.

One more pro tip: when you create a public employee profile, also create an HR-only employee profile. This will build on the public info, but will contain more detailed and pertinent information that is relevant to their employment. It’s always a good idea to have info like that on hand. Keep the more in-depth employee profiles safe and secure in the hands of HR.

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