5 Fun Team Building Exercises To Try At The Office

Team building exercises will help to engage your employees. Take the time to focus on team building. It will improve engagement, morale, motivation, communication, productivity, adaptability, and ultimately your bottom line. All things you need to run a successful business.

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The goal of team building is to improve teamwork by building camaraderie. By creatively implementing team building exercises, you can create a staff that works well together. They will complement each other and build off of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. There’s something cool about belonging to a team where everyone has your back.

Team building exercises can range from fun to serious to ridiculous. Use your creativity and there are essentially no limits – although before you do anything crazy check with your staff and consult with your legal team. There are a few team building exercise horror stories that have ended in injury or lawsuit. Use your judgement.

If you’re looking for some simple team building exercises to implement in your workplace, try these:

  1. Two Truths And A Lie – This is a fun and quick game where people really get to know each other. Have each employee tell two truths about their life and one lie. Then have the rest of the staff guess which one is the lie. You’ll be amazed at what you learn about people.
  2. Eye Contact – Looking into someone’s eyes can be intimidating, yet it’s an important skill to have. Play stare eyes with your staff.
  3. Trust Fall – The trust fall is a scary one, but it does help to develop trust amongst your team. Have your team catch someone as they fall backwards.
  4. Play Games – Games are fun. They open up communication and make your employees work together to win. Try Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Jenga, 20 Questions, or any other fun game.
  5. Tournaments – Set up on going tournaments in the company lounge – pool, darts, ping pong. You do have a fun games room at the office right?

This is just a handful of team building ideas. You can discover even more team building exercises at WhenIWork.com and YourERC.com.

Team building starts at the recruiting level. It’s your job as an HR professional to proactively pick the right people for the job. This goes beyond skill set and also includes personality and the ability to fit in with the rest of your team.

Make team building and your entire office culture about having fun. It will increase your employee retention rates, save your company money, promote employee engagement, and of course build a stronger and more productive team – all things that your company wants and needs.

Now go out there and interact with your team.

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