Close The Deal And Hire The Best Job Candidate With These Recruiting Tips

Ok. You’ve done it. You posted the job, you got bombarded with emails and job applications. You sorted through hundreds, maybe thousands, of resumes and cover letters. You conducted days upon days of job interviews. You called references, ran background checks, and screen candidates on social media. You have finally selected the perfect person for the job. It’s time to make them an offer that they can’t refuse. Now is the time to close the deal.

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It seems like it would be easy to close the deal in today’s competitive job market, but it’s not. Only 80% of job candidates will take the job offer that is presented to them. And you can only send out one offer at a time. Before that job candidate scurries off to your competitor, it’s your job to close the candidate and make the hire.

10 Reasons To Hire Someone For The Job

Land the job candidate and you can sit back and bask in your recruitment glory. Lose them at the last minute and you’ll be back to square one. It will cost you time and your company money. This is a critical moment in the hiring process.

Once you know who you want to hire, it is imperative to act quickly. These tips will help you close the deal and hire the best job candidate:

  • Timeliness – Act quickly and with urgency. You want to land the candidate ASAP. Be responsive and proactive to ensure that the candidate knows he or she is wanted.
  • Competitive Offer – Make an irresistible job offer that competes with any other offer on the table.
  • Compensation Package – Highlight the entire compensation package including both salary and benefits.
  • Make The Offer Personally – Try to make the offer in person. This way your enthusiasm for the candidate will hopefully be contagious and you’ll be able to see their reaction. If you can’t make the offer in person do it in writing, email, and on the phone.
  • Follow Up – After the offer is made, follow up with the job candidate to see what else you can do to ensure this is a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Make Introductions – Introduce the job candidate to the team and the higher ups. Make them feel welcome.
  • Promote Your Company – Hype your company, your products, and your company culture. Tell the job candidate why your company is the best and why the job candidate is the perfect match for the job.
  • Be Willing to Negotiate – If you feel like the job candidate might turn down the job offer at the last minute, feel free to negotiate.

Use these closing tactics and techniques to help you hire the best job candidate for your company and your team. Remember that there are no sure things until the job candidate signs on the dotted line and is fully on-board. It’s your job to make the match and with the right approach you can steer any top tier talent to your company. That should be the goal of every HR professional.

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