11 Signs You Hired The Wrong Person For The Job

No business can afford to hire the wrong person. If you feel like your latest hire was a terrible mistake, it’s mandatory that you recognize the problem as soon as possible. Do you recognize any of these signs you hired the wrong person for the job? If so, it’s time to take action and remedy this unfortunate situation.

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Hiring the wrong person is a costly mistake, yet it happens regularly. One of the main reasons that employers hire the wrong person is because they are not patient. When there is pressure to fill a position quickly, it often results in hiring the wrong person – and that’s where the trouble begins.

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A bad hire costs your company lots of money. Not only is there the cost associated with hiring the individual, but there is also the loss of productivity, the cost of firing them, and the cost of hiring someone new. It adds up quickly – and it’s a problem that’s relatively easy to avoid. Yet toxic employees still slip through the cracks.

Did you hire the wrong person for the job? If you recognize any of these signs that you hired the wrong person for the job, it might just mean that you made a major hiring mistake. Does this sound like your new hire?

  1. Unable to do the job
  2. Damages client relationships
  3. Destroys employee morale
  4. Creates legal issues
  5. Always makes mistakes
  6. Only does the bear minimum
  7. Is negative about everything
  8. Complains about everything
  9. Projects an unprofessional appearance and persona
  10. Is not a team player
  11. Other employees are complaining about the new hire

As you can image, hiring the wrong person for the job can have severe consequences for your business. Once that toxic employee infiltrates the organization, it can cause a downward spiral that negatively affects your team, your business, and your profits.

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Once you recognize the problem, you need to confront the issue head on. It’s your job to figure out the best way to handle it. Can you fix the problem or is it better to fire the toxic employee? Either way you’re going to need to run damage control and alleviate the problem as soon as possible. Best of luck.

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