13 Pro Tips For Hiring Great Employees

Photo grid of awesome people that you want to hireDo you hire the right person for the job every single time? Probably not. We all know that HR is far from an easy job, but with the right recruitment and hiring strategies in place, you’ll find that hiring great employees is easier than you thought.

Apply these pro tips for hiring great employees and you’ll see a big change in who your company hires:

  1. Hire For Personality Over Skill Skills can be taught. Personality can not. Hire the people who exude the behaviors you want and then teach them the skills they need to be successful.
  2. Be Patient – Patience is a virtue. Always take your time during the hiring process. Don’t rush it. Wait until the right job candidate applies or else you’ll regret it.
  3. Give Them A Test Drive – It’s easy to say that you can do something, it’s a whole nothing thing to actually do it. Always make sure that the person you hire can actually complete the work they are hired to do. A great way to explore this is with short term apprenticeships and internships.
  4. Grow Your Talent Pool – Even when you aren’t hiring, you need to grow your pool of prospective job candidates. Then when you need a new person to come aboard you can reach out to the individuals that you already have a relationship with.
  5. Seek Out Diversity – A diverse workforce fosters creativity, reaches new markets, and offers new perspectives on how you operate your business.
  6. Tap Into The Right Markets – Ensure that you advertise your job openings in all the right places.
  7. Listen Carefully – During the hiring process, it’s more important to listen to what the candidate has to say than to tell them what they need to hear.
  8. Give Them What They Want – When you create an attractive workplace with the right perks, benefits, pay structure, and culture it will naturally attract the type of people that you want to hire.
  9. Invest In Your Employees – Your employees are your greatest asset. Invest time and money to make them better at their job so they can take your business to new places.
  10. Narrow The Playing Field – When sorting through resumes look for specific things. If a candidate doesn’t have what you are looking for, don’t hire them.
  11. Focus On Enthusiasm – Passion and enthusiasm are hard traits to find. If a job candidate is keen and eager, they are more likely to work harder to get the job done.
  12. Know What You Want – When you hire people, you need to know exactly what skills, experience, and personality you are searching for. When you know what you are looking for, it’s easier to find it.
  13. Get A Second Opinion – Never trust the entire hiring process to one person or one interview. Always consult your team and get their opinion before you send out a job offer. They may see something that you missed.

Don’t wait to apply these pro tips for hiring great employees. Act now and be proactive when it comes to hiring the people who are going to be part of your team. With the right people in place your company can be more successful than ever.

Follow these pro tips and you’ll hire the right person for the job. Discover even more tips to make your company awesome on JobMonkey.com.

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