11 Job Fair Tips To Help You Recruit The Best Candidates At Every Job Fair

Do you plan to attend any job fairs in the near future? Job fairs are designed to help job seekers connect with companies. Whether your company is actively recruiting and hiring or you just want to spread the word about your business, attending a job fair can be very beneficial.Note on desk with job fair written in black marker

Job fairs can take many forms. Some are industry focused, while others are locally focused. Find one that fits your needs. A well advertised job fair can bring thousands of job seekers through the door. All of these job seekers are keen to talk to you and your company about potentially finding work.

The Best Places to Recruit Employees

The advantages of attending a job fair as an employer is that it’s a one stop shop. Job fairs can save you time and money by providing you access to a large pool of qualified applicants in the span of a few hours. You’ll have the chance to connect with these job seekers face to face and do any initial screenings before their application hits your inbox – something that most companies don’t get to do until the interview round.

If you want your next job fair experience to be successful, here are a few job fair tips for employers that you need to follow:

  1. Plan Ahead – You can’t just walk into the job fair the day of the event. You need to organize your team, register and pay for the event, and get ready for the big day.
  2. Promote On Social – As soon as you know that you’re going to attend a job fair, let your fans know about it. Use your social platforms to tell everyone.
  3. Personalize It – Be approachable. Shake hands. Remember names. Make every job seeker feel welcomed and encourage them to apply.
  4. Send Your Best – Whoever you send to the job fair will become the “face” of the company in the eyes of the job seeker. Send your best company ambassadors who can enthusiastically and accurately answer any and all questions about the company and about the job.
  5. Give Away Free Swag – One of the best ways to get job seekers to approach your job fair booth is to have free stuff with your company logo on it. Job seekers and other recruiters love free pens, hats, sunglasses, toys, and anything else.
  6. Bring Promotional Materials – Job seekers want information about your company. Have free print outs, pamphlets, or brochures that provide information about your employer brand, company, and job openings.
  7. Make Your Booth Look Awesome – It’s always smart to make a good first impression. Decorate your booth and make it represent your employer brand. Job seekers will take note of the companies that make the effort.
  8. Use Simple Follow Ups Forms – Don’t make interested job seekers fill out extensive applications at the job fair. Instead have them fill out a quick and simple form that allows you to contact them afterwards with more information. If you just refer them to your career site to apply, it will discourage many job seekers.
  9. Clearly Define Available Job Openings – Ensure that job seekers know what jobs you are hiring for. Use accurate job descriptions.
  10. Network With The Competition – You’ll likely see your main competitors across the way at the job fair. That’s a good thing. The more competitors that are there, the more qualified candidates that will attend. Go and say hi. Be friendly.
  11. Stay The Whole Time – Arrive early to set up and don’t start packing up until the job fair is over.

Make it a point to attend a job fair in the near future. It will build your brand and potentially help you find your next superstar employee. Utilize the above job fair tips for employers to ensure that you make the most of this recruiting event.

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