What Are The Biggest HR Headaches That You Deal With?

HR is an on-going process and a constant challenge for every business. Despite what you might think, no one has the world of HR totally dialed. There are so many variables that hiring managers and HR pros deal with and hiccups can occur at any point.

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Ask any HR professional and they’ll have a long list of HR headaches that they deal with on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at a few common ones:

  1. Employee Retention – After you finally hire the right person for the job, it’s a demanding task to ensure that they stick around. It’s your job to build an engaging work environment that stimulates and challenges your team. Devote the time and energy to build a cool employer brand and provide your team with the perks and benefits they need to be successful.
  2. Candidate Screening – There’s no shortage of information available about your future employees. Background checks, drug tests, reference checks, social media checks, credit checks, and other screens will tell you more than you want to know about your top recruits. Be ethical and use this information wisely.
  3. Sourcing – Tapping into a steady stream of top talent is one of the toughest issues that HR pros face. Where do you find the people you ultimately choose to hire? Stick with your standard methods, but also continue to explore new sourcing channels. You never know where you might find your next employee.
  4. Communications No matter what industry you work in, communications are always an issue. One misplaced email or forgotten phone call can come back to haunt you. Be diligent about communications. It’s important for everyone involved.
  5. Shortage Of Talent – There are plenty of people who will apply for your job openings, but there are only a handful that are worthy job candidates. Every hiring manager will agree that there is a shortage of qualified, talented, skilled, and experienced individuals. Remember that skills can be taught, personality cannot.
  6. Tight Deadlines – Typically when you need to hire someone, you need to do it quickly. This means there is no time to dilly dally and you might feel unnecessary pressure to hire quickly. If you constantly grow your talent pool, you may be able to alleviate some of this unnecessary stress.
  7. Job Hoppers – It’s always frustrating when you hire, train, and employ a great employee, only to have them jump ship. Unfortunately job hoppers are a generational phenomenon that every business deals with. When hiring, aim to hiring people with steady work history and strive to build a culture and brand that encourages people to stick around.
  8. Changing Technology – Do you know anyone who can keep up with technology? It seems like technology is changing daily. Whether it’s social media, recruiting software, or communication methods, you need to stay on top of the latest trends in order to meet your talent audience and remain competitive.
  9. Security – Security in recruiting? Yes, security is a major issue. Employing people comes with great responsibility as you have all of their important and personal information. Never overlook the importance of keeping your employee’s information under a tight lock and key both physically and digitally.

What Does HR Do All Day?

Are these all of the issues that plague the HR industry? Of course not, but they are certainly some of the biggest issues that HR pros face on a regular basis? Which of these problems gives you the biggest headache?

HR is an important part of any business. If you need help staying on top of all of these things, ask your boss for assistance. Best of luck!

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