Put A Stop To Workplace Bullying Right Now

Workplace bullying is unacceptable. People need to feel safe and secure at work. If they don’t, it can have a traumatic effect on them and can also negatively impact your entire office and business. It’s your job to put a stop to workplace bullying immediately.

Three workplace bullies yelling at co-worker through megaphone while at work

Bullying comes in many forms, including: cursing, criticism, humiliation, micro-managing, placing blame, unrealistic expectations, gossip, offensive jokes, exclusion, verbal or physical abuse, isolation, shaming, deceit, and the list goes on. None of these forms of workplace bullying are acceptable. Don’t tolerate it. Never allow it. Don’t encourage it. Don’t enable it. It’s time to end workplace bullying in your workplace.

Every employee is entitled to a safe work environment. Unfortunately, workplace bullying is an all too common occurrence. Let’s take a quick look at workplace bullying statistics from WorkplaceBullying.org:

  • 60.3 million US workers are affected by workplace bullying
  • Bulllies are: 70% male / 30% female
  • Employer Response To Bullying:
    • Nothing – 25%
    • Do “Sham” Investigation – 46%
    • Help Target – 23%
    • Punish Perpetrator – 6%
  • 40% never tell their bosses

The results of workplace bullying are bad news for both the individuals and the businesses that allow it. Bullying can cause an individual to suffer from depression, low self esteem, or stress. A business will face a higher employee turnover rate, loss of productivity, an unhealthy company culture, low employee morale, and even a plummeting bottom line.

It’s important to know what to do if you have a workplace bullying problem at your office. The following steps will help your business create a plan to deal with this serious issue:

  • Understand What Workplace Bullying Really Is
  • Set Policies And Procedures That Define Bullying And Consequences
  • Recognize The Problem
  • Address The Problem Quickly And Efficiently
  • Expose The Bully And Hold People Accountable
  • Document Everything
  • Support Your Team

Hopefully you’ll hire the right people to complete your team and you will never have to deal with workplace bullying. No one deserves to be bullied. If there’s a bully in your office, do whatever needs to be done to put a stop to workplace bullying. It’s in everybody’s best interest.

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