Why Recruiting Is Like Marketing

Do you recruit like a marketer? If you want to attract and hire the top talent in your industry, it’s essential that you treat recruiting like marketing. When you do this, it’s a total game changer for your business.

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Take a moment to consider why recruiting is like marketing. As a recruiter it’s your job to attract job candidates to your company and convince them to apply for jobs at your business. This is very similar to a company that markets their products to an audience with the goal of getting them to buy them. As you can see, both recruiting and marketing share similarities and that means that certain tactics, tricks and strategies will overlap.

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As an HR pro, it’s a wise move to schedule some time with your marketing department as soon as possible. Make sure that your HR team and your marketing team are keen to work together to make your company achieve great things. When recruiting and marketing join forces it can have a dynamic impact on your business and it will totally change the way that you recruit.

In order to hire the best of the best, you need to:

That’s no easy task and it takes time to do these things. The best way to become a talent acquisition expert is to boost awareness of your brand and pique interest in your company. Then when it’s time to recruit, you’ll already have a loyal audience of followers who want to work for you.

Tap into the power of technology and be proactive in your recruiting (and marketing). Go out and meet your audience on their turf. Make your employer brand fun and grow your reputation through word of mouth marketing, guerrilla marketing, and a loyal army of brand ambassadors. Spread the word on why you’re the greatest employer in the world. Be willing and ready to adapt. Change your tactics and strategies to meet a constantly evolving world of job seekers.

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When you market your brand before you need to hire, it will help you attract top talent. Take advantage of events, social media, career sites, job boards, reviews, networks, and even search engines to ensure that the top talent in your industry knows what you’re all about.

Be proactive on the marketing front and the recruiting part will be easy.

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